Sunset Park’d Food Truck Festival

Partybus on November 13, 2015

Great food can always be found in Las Vegas and we’re not just talking about expensive 4-course cuisines in Michelin-star restaurants. For just a few dollars, you and your friends can get a tasty meal at any food truck in the city at any time of the day.

Food trucks are always aplenty in a bustlin’ city such as Las Vegas. But wouldn’t it be great if all your favorite trucks would stay in one place instead of you having to walk several places just to satisfy your cravings?

Rejoice, because the universe heard you! On November 14, 2015, more than 30 food trucks will come and gather at Sunset Park for a fun-filled day that’s perfect for the whole gang.

Prepare your taste buds and binge on great-tasting delights from:

The Cookie Bar, Can’t Dutch This, Ihaw Ihaw on Wheels, Kreative Kitchen, Blondies Bacon Creation, Frozen Frog, Joe on the Go, Lickity Splits, Dude Where’s My Hot Dog, Smokin Sam’s BBQ, StripChezze, Spud Shots and More, Sticky Iggy’s, Oming’s Kitchen, The Lunch Crew, Mad for Mousse Pie, Funnel Cake Café, Slidin’ Thru, Waffle Love, Truck U Barbeque, Cousins Maine Lobster, Lobster Shack, Sammies Diner, The Lunch Box, Curbside Café, Hot Diggy Dog, Bad Ass Coffee, and more.

While waiting for your food, enjoy the live music brought to you by Twin Cities, The Perks, Brumby, Avalon Landing, Silversage, Same Sex Mary, and Almost Normal.

The Sunset Park’d Food Truck Festival will begin at noon and ends at 8pm. If you don’t want your night to end that early, plan a night out in the city too. Hop in a party bus hosted by Las Vegas Party Bus Limo.

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