Vegas Restaurant Spotlight: Glutton

Partybus on October 15, 2015

Are you searching for your next favorite restaurant? We’ve put the spotlight on Glutton and why it should be one of your most frequented restaurants in Vegas.

Recently opened in May of this year, Glutton is a mid-size restaurant that’s located at Downtown Las Vegas. Easily accessible and very convenient to visit, this restaurant is often packed with diners.

Glutton specializes in food that has been made with only the freshest, local produce and house-made ingredients. This results to unique and high-quality dishes would make anyone happy and satisfied.

Spick Pork Rinds, Japanese Sweet Corn, Seared Ahi Tuna, Zucchini Parmesan are just some of the dishes that they serve daily. Their signature dish is actually the Glutton Burger. It is constructed with perfectly grilled sirloin burger patty, B & B pickles, in-house made American cheese, and a beautifully crunchy Dutch bun. The Glutton Burger is a favorite among restaurant goers because it is generously sized, well-seasoned, and extremely juicy.

Make sure you and your friends try out Glutton on your next visit to Las Vegas. You’ll truly be satisfied with their food, service, and restaurant ambiance.

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