When in Vegas: The Proper Partying Dress Code

Partybus on January 9, 2016


Most establishments in Las Vegas have a dress code. While other venues are slightly loose than others in terms of enforcement, it is best that you come in proper attire all the time.

Here are a few ground rules when dressing up for a night out in Sin City:

  1. Unless you are attending a special event or if strictly enforced by a venue, formal wear isn’t necessary.
  2. Wear something comfortable but equally stylish. Leave your baggy jeans, shorts, capris, jerseys, cutoffs, and ball caps at home. You don’t want to fall in line all night at a nightclub only to be turned away because of your sloppy appearance.
  3. No flip-flops or rubber sports shoes. Men must wear closed, sensible shoes. Heeled shoes, minimum of an inch, are preferred in women.
  4. T-shirts are a big no-no. However, it is allowed in some establishments if you wear it together with a fashionable, well-fitting jacket.
  5. Women are always encouraged to wear something sexy. But please stay away from anything see-through or extremely lewd.
  6. Collared shirts are preferable for men. Long sleeves and solid colors are best.
  7. If you don’t know where you’re going yet, play it safe and dress in something that’s business casual.
  8. Dress codes are for your sake as it is for the establishment. They want you to feel comfortable and not out of place. For them, it is priority that you look good because you’ll feel good, have fun, and will come back again.

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